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why is my computer so slow

So you’ve had your computer a year or so now and you’ve noticed it’s not that lightning fast computer you first turned on…why?

There are several things in play here, since you noticed that the speed isn’t what it used to be.  Perception, hardware, software to name the obvious.  When you first bought your computer, it was so much faster than your old one.  Hence the term “old”, maybe not a dinosaur, but by current hardware standards it is definitely “old”.

The hardware itself, is the latest…greatest…fastest and that may seem light years faster than your last computer.  Processors are much more powerful, no longer a singe core, but up to six and even eight core processors.  And the code is no longer transferred in little 32bit chunks it’s now moved around in 64bit chunks.  Hence – faster.

Your old computer more than likely, had additional programs you found and downloaded off the Internet or bought somewhere.  And then down the road, you either removed them or attempted to remove them leaving behind remnants of information that can also cause your computer to choke.  Some of those really cool programs were nothing more than computer resource hogs creating another drag on computer speed. (ie. weatherbug)  Then there are all the constant updates by Microsoft for your operating system, updates from quickbooks, antivirus and any other program you may have, being added onto your computer, many of them extremely large and requiring more power.  Those updates haven’t started on your new computer…yet.

And then there is the change in what you are currently using your computer for and what you said you were going to use it for in the first place.  With the introduction of facebook, and youtube and streaming music you’ve now discovered a new world, which also now demands more power, more speed, and more storage space.  None of which your old computer has. 

This is a cycle you may as well get use to. Technology is growing faster than even a lot of software developers can keep up with, so don’t feel left behind. Just know that whatever you decide to buy tomorrow….will be almost worthless in about 4-5 years.

By the way…if you’re looking for a new computer, you might want to consider a custom built one instead of the “cookie cutter, kleenex” computers out there.  Yes, you can get one of those cheaper, but that’s because they are more compact, which leads to more over heating and your ability to expand your system in an effort to thwart off the next major computer investment will be next to impossible.