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Solar Storm Causing Widespread Malfunction

Have you been noticing your wireless devices have been acting out lately? Perhaps your GPS is giving you worse directions than Farmer John, or maybe your Satellite TV service has random pixelation and brown outs.

The National Weather Service has the answer. The Earth is currently experiencing the worst blast of solar flare since 2003, currently rated at S3-level, or strong. According to the Space Prediction Center, even passengers aboard high altitude flights are at risk for higher than normal radiation exposure.

Solar radiation can affect the Earth’s magnetic poles in detrimental ways, which in turn affects high frequency communication, much like the ones cell phones, WiFi signals, and Satellite TV uses to communicate over long distance. You may not see a dip in performance over your personal WiFi, but you might likely see a dip in 4G and 3G cell phones speeds, and you’ll definitely see a dip in satellite feeds like GPS and television channels.

The National Weather Service has predicted the storm will last until the middle of the week, tapering off slowly each day until the weekend. Until then we’ll all just have to deal with the decreased performance of our high frequency long distance communications. Try not to cancel your TV service in the meantime.