Personalize your iPhone with SLICKWRAPS!
Here are some tips that you may find helpful.
Does it always seem that you run out of black ink faster than colored? There are a few things you can do to save yourself on replacing those black ink cartridges so frequently.

One, change your font color to a dark grey instead of black when you type a letter or write up a recipe or anything else you would create in only black.

Two, most all printers have custom adjustments you can make to the quality of printing you can do. You will find those type of settings in the ‘Properties’ of the printer window that pops up when you click on print.

If you find that working at your computer gives you headaches, you might want to think about making one tiny tweak. It could make a big difference.

Just change the default font your computer uses. A study done by Wichita State University in Kansas found that using the font ‘Verdana’ with the size 10 or 12 point, was the easiest font for your eyes to read.

The worst font type for readability is ‘Times Roman’.

Have you or someone you know had the unlucky fortune of dropping your cell phone into some place wet? Oops! Maybe it is savable.

First, remove the battery and the SIM card and your other memory card, should you have one. Dry those with a soft cloth and set aside.

Next, cover your phone’s SIM card slot with a small piece of tape and place your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice for 24 hours. These absorbent grains will draw out any trapped moisture to get your phone functioning again.

If you find yourself struggling to solve a problem, pop in a piece of gum. Another study (at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY) found that those who chewed gum for 5 minutes before taking a challenging test performed up to 50% better than those who didn’t. The theory is the the chewing motion activates ‘mastication-induced arousal’ – a state of alertness in your brain, which helps you focus, have better recall and improves information processing speed.

One downfall though – this alert effect only lasts for 20 minutes. So start chewing when you really need optimum performance.