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Simple and Free Online PDF Editor

Have you ever wanted to just ‘whiteout’ some copy on a pdf?  Sounds like it should be so simple to do, right?  Well guess what, it is with the right program.

I struggled with an Acrobat Pro version of my own attempting to simply remove some handwritten copy throughout a pdf file.  Needless to say, what I thought would and should be a cinch, became a royal pain.  So I decided to do a little research into anything that would do what I wanted, ‘whiteout’ the unwanted notations.

And after some looking into several pdf program options other than Adobe, I stumbled across a simple editor.  It functions as a normal pdf reader with zoom and rotating ability, selects and copies pdf content to your clipboard, searches for keywords and saves, downloads and prints.

As an editor you can add text and shapes. You can ‘whiteout’ what you don’t want, then re-enter new copy. Create links to other pdf pages or to web content. And much more.

With the form filler you fill out your pdf forms and with the form designer you can add and modify form fields to any pdf file.

Need to comment and markup a pdf document, add or edit annotations or even just want to highlight some content in the file, this program will do it.

Now the best part…no downloading of any software – no installing anything.  No requirement of Flash or Active X or anything else.  Simply upload your pdf file and that’s it.  Only caveat is the file size limit, which is 10Mb, along with a 100 page limit.  Don’t think that is to much to ask for simple and free.

The name of the program – PDFescape.  And you will find it at

They do offer a ‘premium’ service, removing ads from the interface you work with, if it bothers you that much.