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The consequences of a viral attack


Oh no! You’ve been infected. All your internet searches return porn sites, all your icons  on your desktop have been removed, you getpop ups every 20 minutes, even though you haven’t clicked anything. You get error messages that say “Click OK to clean your PC!” and you, the unwitting computer user, keep clicking them to get rid of that nasty infection.

Unfortunately, virus attacks are a part of owning a computer. Anytime there are two computers networked in the world and one of the users isn’t exactly a stand up guy, someone’s going to get a virus. The good news is that it isn’t the end of the line for your machine. The data can, in most cases, be saved, and the virus can be cleaned by a professional within a couple hours.

There are several types of computer attacks. Most are called spyware, and are basically just little programs that monitor your internet traffic, though a few can do more harm like monitor your keystrokes to record things like passwords. Slightly worse on the scale are actual viruses that just latch on to downloads or applications, and can usually be cured with any standard anti-virus program. One of the worst attacks is call a root kit. This virus will enter your computer’s registry, which is basically the inner most part of the operating system, and embed itself there. Unfortunately, at this point, a standard anti-virus won’t be able to help you.

Here you will need professional help, but not all is lost!  Most times your computer tech will be able to fix the registry, remove the intrusive virus and save all your data and you can get right back to what your computer should be doing, not causing you a hassle and a walletful.

Riverview Technologies is more than happy to take care of problems like these and others more efficiently than you would be able to trying to figure it out on your own. Let our skilled technicians take the problem off your hands and clean your PC the right way.


[And as always, keep your data backed up. An external/portable drive like the Western Digital Passport with 1TB space can be very handy to do backups and keep safe.]