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I decided one day to see what was new in the browser world.  I had passed on Google’s Chrome, since I couldn’t stand the first version.  I never really cared for any version of Microsoft’s IE (Internet Explorer).  So up until now I have been fairly devoted to Firefox. NOT ANYMORE!!!!

Sometimes it just pays to search for new things.  My latest greatest most favorite browser is called Maxthon 3.  If your tired of the same old types of browsers and the faster the better…this is it.

It touted itself to be 200% faster at page display and without a stop watch to verify that, I would say it sure seems like it.  If it was only the speed I would be more than satisfied, but Maxthon does not stop there.  There are more features that I have yet to uncover.  And not just annoying features, these features are really cool.  Making surfing a lot more fun. 

Let’s look at just some of the features Maxthon has.

Like I said, I was using Firefox and thought the idea of quick link thumbnails was great, but it seemed like the thumbnails took to long to load.  When you open Maxthon, you have your customary home page, but click on the ‘plus sign’ and you now have  matrix of 12 quick access links. And not only one page, but multiple pages of quick access links easily accessible by a bar directly below your links matrix.  Set them up however you want and make more. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to setup this new browser with all you favorites, quick links, passwords and the such and then log on somewhere, anywhere else using Maxthon of course, and all that stuff be there?  Well here’s your opportunity. Maxthon has a “passport” option.  Just sign up and utilize Maxthon’s servers to keep track of your browser’s settings.  How cool is that???

You can use your mouse (right mouse button) and refresh your page, move onto to next tab, go back and so much more. You have a colored trail that appears when you use a mouse gesture.  Customize your mouse to control what you want to do. 

Choose a specific day that you want to view your search history on, with a calendar display. You will even see a time stamp associated with your searches.

You can quickly create a split screen just by using F10 and turn it back off just by clicking on F10 again. Makes is so simple to begin a new search while keeping your first searches and tabs available.

One of those is,  Maxthon recognizes what is being displayed on the web page.  If there is a video, a small popup appears all giving you the ability to directly save it to you computer. No having to look for programs to perform that function.  Maxthon will do it for you. 

Another one is ‘Snap’, which acts kind of like a print screen, but with options. ‘Snap’ a whole page or only the part you want. And just before you copy it, edit what you captured with text, blurring, arrows, quote bubbles and more. Too awesome.

I could go on, but you should experience everything Maxthon 3 has to offer yourself.  And Maxthon does offer browsers for more than just PC’s.  Check them out.  Download the version for your PC browser, which this article has been about.

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